Review of cars Lotus Evora Sport 410

Lotus Evora Sport 410

Lotus Evora Sport 410 yellow

Lotus Evora Sport 410 A surprise presence of a sensational car that is filled with all modern innovative advanced technologies that Lotus has raised the bar once again with ease Evora to develop a generation that lebiha sensational Lotus Evora Sport 410 will give the best to his fans at Sport car class. Following on from the recently announced Elise Cup 250, and the Exige Sport 350, the famous Lotus Laboratories ringan’telah worked hard to cut weight by 70kg Evora 400 is great. Continue reading “Review of cars Lotus Evora Sport 410”

Review of cars Honda Acura’s 2017 NSX

Acura’s 2017 NSX

2017-acura-nsx-front-1280x854-970x546-c display blue

Recent and luxury now comes with the launch of Honda has just released a new supercar, Acura NSX in 2017, claimed to be the most expensive car of this car was built with a design that is very pretty and with the technology mutakir system with the all-powerful because Honda classified car is very well known by the people of various layers and have occupied the market in the top rankings, Acura NSX in 2017 were made in the United States (US). This April, the supercar began to be produced in the factory Center in Marysville, Ohio.According to the news Reportedly, the NSX will shift the position of the most expensive cars manufactured in the US, Dodge Viper. Manufacturing Sakura country is going to produce the NSX with a value of 156,000 US dollars, or a range of Rp2 billion. Outstanding actually become supercar because thanks to the sophistication and luxury in order to boost the position of the top and most expensive.The value of the price increases that are high enough to exceed the Viper nearly half, ie 90,000 US dollars or about Rp 1.18 billion. It is a success and the success achieved by the company that produces the Acura NSX 2017. In fact, the price is nothing compared NSX production cars made in the FCA Conner Avenue Assembly plant in Detroit, Michigan. Continue reading “Review of cars Honda Acura’s 2017 NSX”

Review of cars Buick LaCrosse 2017

Buick LaCrosse 2017 blackBuick LaCrosse 2017

The all-new 2017 Buick Lacrosse to introduce new faces and latest products Buick, influenced by the dramatic cues from the award-winning Avenir concept unveiled at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit and was inspired by the concept Buick from the mid 20th century.

LaCrosse sales target in the early summer of 2016, has built a model that has the design of a new grille with the opening show that belong ivent over the return of the difference of three colors – red, silver and blue – Buick tri-shield badge, accented by elements shaped wings grill bar is inspired by the design of the design and concept of 1954 Wildcat II. Continue reading “Review of cars Buick LaCrosse 2017”

Review of cars Audi S5 Coupe (2017)

2017 Audi A5 Coupe, S5 Coupe revealed

 The form of a bulge in the front and rear are designed served to highlight the wheel arches . Although the front and rear end has a close resemblance to the A4 , they are , in fact , truly unique . For example , the A5 has headlights more rectangular without motive lightning A4 , while the hood is flatter line features extra ribs . Audi says that the body A5 has a drag coefficient of 0.25 and weighs 60 kilograms less than the old model ‘s body . Unlike the exterior , the interior design mostly borrowed or the incorporation of the new A4 . Continue reading “Review of cars Audi S5 Coupe (2017)”

Review of cars Acura MDX (2017)

Acura MDX (2017)

    2017 Acura MDX will be equipped with AcuraWatch on all grades, make MDX SUV more luxurious and the first in its class to offer to customers and car enthusiasts is a security issue more sophisticated technology and driver-aids are exceptional, including emergency braking automatically, as a standard feature , MDX 2017 is scheduled to go on sale at Acura dealerships nationwide in the summer of 2016 and will join the MDX Sport Hybrid. Featuring new face of Acura seductive appearance, which has been restyled MDX 2017 highlighted more daring and distinctive pentagon diamond grille, first seen at the start Precision Acura Concept seized in the North American International Auto Show in January. Acura new grille integrated with a more sculpted hood sharp, front fascia and front fender combined with the latest LED fog lights and had to be addressed Jewel Eye models and distinctive light that matched the body, which increases the MDX appear more distinctive and modern. Continue reading “Review of cars Acura MDX (2017)”

Revew of cars Peugeot 3008 GT (2017)

Peugeot 3008 GT (2017)

       GT version of the crown of a variety of brand new SUV. Exclusively equipped with the 2.0L BlueHDi 180 S & S EAT6, the new Peugeot 3008 GT has the benefit of a particular set of attributes as well as an optional unique and distinctive “Coupe Franche” paint design that is so beautiful and harmonious for all circles. In addition, the GT Line trim level offers, the more affordable version of the engine, the synthesis of sportiness and top-of-the-range look. The new Peugeot 3008 GT and GT Line brand an important part of the step-up range and will be available from the beginning of the commercial launch in October 2016. Standard various conquered Certainly many people who are passionate about cars and the world associated with them. This aesthetes with a strong personality and a confident look for quality vehicles that stand out from the crowd, personal expression of their status. Peugeot decided to try and win over, with a new version of its GT-3008, this demanding clientèle. With its launch, the new Peugeot 3008 has attracted customers from all walks of life that is simple and transparent to all customers optimistic. Consistent with the brand strategy to move up the range, it is based on:     three main trim levels (Access, Active, Allure)    GT Line trim levels    GT version GT Model 3008 is positioned as a proposition SUV top-of-the-range, exclusive and dynamic firm, while at the same time is perfectly usable in everyday driving. Aimed at driving enthusiasts desire sophistication, the new Peugeot 3008 GT offers to combine all the qualities of the new SUV this range – in emphatic style, amazing interior aesthetics and exclusive that includes innovative new Peugeot i-Cockpit®, high-tech equipment – with some sporty and exclusive touch. Continue reading “Revew of cars Peugeot 3008 GT (2017)”

Review of cars Mercedes-Benz GLS63 AMG (2017)

Mercedes-Benz GLS63 AMG

We need to know about GL before, the new GLS sets the standard in the world of SUVs as it confirms its position as the “S-Class among SUVs.” segment SUV offers plenty of space and combines luxury with an impressive level of comfort, lively dynamics and safety, strength and speed in its class. Is punished daily use or venturing off the beaten track, GLS meets all the requirements of an easy and comfortable. Compared with its predecessor, the new generation feature increases efficiency, additional transmission mode DYNAMIC SELECT, repair system air suspension (AIRMATIC) by increasing the damping system (ADS), a nine-speed 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission, state-of-the-art assistance systems and generation the latest from Mercedes-Benz telematics that include internet access and the ability of remote-start after revamping and pembaruhan technological innovations have been carried out. More power, more dynamic and more equipment is also offered by the new AMG Mercedes GLS63. With a peak output of 577 hp, independent suspension and transmission AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS 7G-TRONIC revised, it was the culmination of a GLS model line. Standard features on GLS63 including DYNAMIC SELECT AMG transmission mode that provides optimal flexibility and AMG Performance all-wheel drive, rear-biased system. The GLS63 also shows the strength of character to the latest design elements and the AMG high-quality interior is very graceful and beautiful appearance that captivated everyone who saw what more for the rider and passenger can be fused. Continue reading “Review of cars Mercedes-Benz GLS63 AMG (2017)”

Review of cars Ferrari GTC4 Lusso (2017)

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso (2017)

  Now has come the latest Ferrari Maranello GTC4 Lusso is the latest interpretation of the concept of the four -seater , which combines outstanding performance in all driving conditions with sporty elegance and luxurious comfort for both driver and passengers alike . Sporty car designed with a graceful body beautiful for fans rider can really blend in beauty and dignity GTC4 Ferrari Lusso . GTC4 Ferrari Lusso reference name some famous predecessor , at least 330 GTC or the 2 + 2 model sister , 330 GT and 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso , who married extreme performance with a stylish design and advanced materials and expertise . Everything is built with the latest and advanced technology with innovative result was really satisfying . Continue reading “Review of cars Ferrari GTC4 Lusso (2017)”

Review of cars Ferrari F12tdf (2016)

    Ferrari F12tdf (2016)

Ferrari F12tdf has paid homage to the Ferrari race the Tour de France , the legendary endurance race Ferrari dominated in the 1950s and ’60s , especially with the 1956 250 GT Berlinetta that won four consecutive editions in a row . The most cherished race car , a car that combined maximum performance with the driveability and ease of use that allows competitors to race for hundreds of kilometers in a day faster , twisting road and on the circuit. The F12tdf is the highest expression of the extreme road car concept . Continue reading “Review of cars Ferrari F12tdf (2016)”